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COVID - remote learning

As the country moves rapidly towards something reassembling normality we are keeping everything crossed for a normal opening in September.  However after a year of lock-downs and changes we wanted to let you know that we do have a plan if the nation returns to remote learning.  It's a plan we hope we don't have to use, but we wanted you to know it is in place.

Fortunately we are in an excellent place to provide remote learning to our pupils if the worst was to happen.  Here is what we will do in the case of remote learning:

  1. An individualised home programme developed via Hi-Rasmus which all families can access via any computing device including a smart-phone.  This will include: Targets linked to the EHCP, Teaching strategies, date taking strategies.
  2. Resources (where needed) delivered to the home or e-mailed (as appropriate).
  3. A non 'tech' alternative for families who do not have access to a computer or smart device.
  4. Daily tutor meetings to review progress and provide ongoing support/training.
  5. Weekly (minimum) meetings with teacher and/or BCBA.
  6. Input from school therapists.

We foresee that this programmes will be based around both the needs of the pupil and what is achievable for each individual family.