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Family Teaching Partnership

One of our core intentions as a school is to work with families so that learning does not stop when pupils leave school. 


  • Pupils spend a relatively small portion of their life in school if learning can be extended outwards it will be more likely to remain in place and be useful.

  • A skill is generally useless unless it can be applied across locations and with multiple people.  This is called generalisation.  Generalisation is a very difficult skill for pupils with autism.  Often they will apply the skill only with the people and in the location they learned that skills.  By working with families we are able to ensure that skills are generalised to the locations and people that really matter.

  • We work on skills in school which are useful to the pupil in their day to day life.  By extension these skills are useful for the families of the pupils.  

We hope that by working with us and helping to apply your child's learning outside of school you will see all kinds of benefits.


How we work with individual families will depend on the needs and the logistical circumstances of the families themselves.  The work may take several forms and may occur at varying regularity.  These are just some ways we might work with you:

  • You might visit us in school to observe and support directly with your child.

  • You might be visited in your home by tutors who will support you in working with your child.

  • You might meet with your child and a tutor in outside community.

  • You might communicate or meet with staff by phone, online or in person.

  • We might ask you to take data or record footage of behaviours in the home to assist us in programming.

The way we work with you will be the result of a discussion between families and the school. Direct visits may not always be appropriate.