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School Structure

School and staff structure

Chatten Free School is made up of three phases:

Phase 1: KS1/KS2

Phase 2: KS2/KS3

Phase 3: KS4/KS5

Typically each phase is made up of five rooms and three classes.  Two classes are made up of ten pupils over two rooms and one class is made up of five pupils in one room.   This is the plan, however Chatten will adapt classes and pupil numbers based on pupil needs.

Each room is staffed by four 1:1 tutors and one 1:1 Senior tutor.  Each class is overseen by a teacher or an Classroom Manager and each phase of 3 classes is overseen by board certified behaviour analyst (BCBA).  Each phase also includes a teacher with TLR subject responsibility.  The school is overseen by the head of school and deputy who are both accountable to the Chatten Local Governing body.

The model also includes two speech and language therapists, two occupational therapists and a school nurse.

This structure is flexible and may change depending on the needs of the school.