Pupil facing staff (descriptions)


As a tutor you will work 1:1 with the pupils.  You will run programmes, follow behaviour support plans and generally see pupils grow day in and day out.  It is a massively rewarding role.  As a tutor you will proactively innovate ways to best run programmes and make/access the best resources for an individual’s learning. You will take data on behaviours and programmes and make some real-time decisions on how to respond to that data.  You will work in all areas of the school at some point.  You will follow an exciting plan of training and development with lots of opportunities to progress. 

Senior Tutors

As a senior tutor you will do everything a tutor does and more.  Usually you will have been a tutor for long enough to have completed lots of training and development already.  You will be responsible for managing a room when the class lead is out or busy with other tasks.  You will also take on some day to day performance management responsibilities with relation to tutors in your class.  As a senior tutor you will still be accessing training and development opportunities.  You may even be delivering some of your own training to others.  You might be thinking about applying for further education/professional training opportunities or classroom manager positions.

Classroom Manager

If you have gained sufficient expertise and experience as a tutor, you might consider applying for classroom manager positions.  As a classroom manager you will perform all the tasks of a teacher including programme management, EHCP’s and performance managing staff.  You will still be learning and might even have started to access BCBA or QTS training.  Your main responsibility is to manage the individual pupil programmes in your class.  This includes making sure the tutors are sufficiently supported and monitoring effectiveness.


The Teacher role at Chatten is slightly different to that in most schools.  There is very little whole class interaction so you will usually not be delivering lessons as such.  As a teacher your main responsibility will be to manage the individual pupil programmes in your class.  This includes making sure the tutors are sufficiently supported and monitoring effectiveness in your class.  In addition, you may be responsible to managing an area of the national curriculum and ensuring coverage is sufficient for a certain subject or phase.  You will engage in training to support the development of key specialist knowledge around ABA and other vital topics to the role.  There are also likely to be chances to apply for additional training towards BCBA accreditation.


If you are a BCBA you will be in charge of a phase of the school (usually five rooms of five pupils) you will monitor all the programmes in the phase and the training, development and support of the staff in that phase.  You will conduct additional training as needed and will often look to take on a specialism in the school.  You will also line manage the classroom managers and teachers in the phase for which you are responsible.  In addition, you might be asked to engage in other activities consistent with a senior role.  This might mean timetabling, safeguarding or HR responsibilities.

Therapeutic team

As a therapist you will work collaboratively with; teachers, BCBA’s and tutors.  You will use your specialist knowledge to support and enhance educational programmes.  You will provide reports and attend meetings, observe pupils and provide additional training.  As a therapist you may also construct and provide additional educational materials.  You will be encouraged to continue to grow your own expertise peruse a specialism and also to broaden the basis of your expertise by engaging with training in different fields.

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