Core Attributes

So, what will working at Chatten entail?  Well this depends on what job you are doing.  Saying that there are several core elements to the job which will apply to nearly everyone.  For this reason, there are also a number of core attributes that will often apply to everyone.  Don’t worry though, we are here to help!




Collaborative working

Wherever you work in the school and whatever your role, working in collaboration with others (both inside and outside the school structure) will be an important part of you role


You will need to be an excellent communicator across a range of mediums.  You will also need to be able to work well in a team.  

We will

Provide additional training on effective professional communication.  In addition your managers will support you to have excellent communication by providing timely support.

Behaviours which challenge

Many of our amazing pupils will display behaviours which challenge.  This is part of their profile and part of what we are supporting them with.  Sometimes this behaviour will be physically and or emotionally challenging.  Nearly everyone, especially pupil facing staff will be helping to support with these behaviours.


It is necessary to have a good grasp of 'self-care' and be emotionally resilient Patience  is also a vital part of the job.

We will

Provide a supportive atmosphere with opportunities to debrief and discuss challenging episodes.  We will provide training to all on the importance of self care and training to managers on supporting with stressful scenarios.   We will also provide extensive training on supporting challenging behaviour including physical aspects (when needed) In addition we will work hard to provide an effective work life balance so that people are able to leave stressful incidents at the door.

Independent working

Whatever your role in the school you will need to work independently for some period of time.  For tutors this might mean creating resources and updating targets.  It might also mean asking for help when it's needed.


The ability to be proactive is vital!  You must be able to think on your feet and make effective decisions in the moment.  Proactive also means asking for support when you need it.

We will

Provide extensive training and materials.  If you ask for support or help we will give it in a timely fashion.

Active working

Most roles in the school will involve a certain amount of physical activity.  This could be in the form of extended physical play, supporting challenging behaviour or any number of other activities.  This is especially true to pupil facing staff.


A basic level of fitness is likely to be necessary.  Don't worry you don't need to be an athlete but you do need to be able to engage in light - moderate physical activity for short -moderate periods of time (10-20 minutes).  

We will

Provide appropriate support if/when needed and make reasonable adaptations within the scope of the role.

Learn new skills

Whatever your role in the school you will be learning new skills and information.  Whatever your level of qualification we are still constantly developing.


You will need to be open minded and willing to engage with new ideas and techniques.  You also need to be willing to engage positively with constructive feedback to support your own development.  

We will

Provide lots of learning opportunities and opportunities to work in different areas of the school.  We will also ensure you receive regular supportive feedback from your line manager.

Head Designate: Adam Dean (also person to contact for enquiries)


Contact number: 07821680581

Address: C/O Adam Dean - Market Field School, Elmstead Market, Colchester, Essex, CO7 7ET

Chatten Free School is part of the Hope Learning Community (HLC)

Gary Smith OBE is the CEO of the Hope Learning Community Trust

The Chair of trustees for the HLC is Micheal Andrews

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