Learn about the hiring process and get some tips on how to maximise your chances of working with us!

The Process

The hiring process might differ slightly depending on the role you are applying for but the likely hood is it will follow a similar path to the one below! Don't panic we will let you know what to expect at each stage after a successful application.  Everyone that applied for you job will have exactly the same hiring journey. 

1. The Advert

You discover an advert for your dream job at Chatten Free School.  Filled with excitement you read the job description, person specification and spend time looking around the website to learn more.

Amazing!  you come in and meet us!  You talk about times when you have shown that you would be great at this job and you get to ask us questions.

4. The interview

2. The application

Having researched the role in detail you craft an application that allows us to see just how amazing you are and how well you fit the person spec.  Well done you!

5. The chance to play

You get to DO something practical.  Depending on the job you might even get to show us how great you are at playing.

3. The phone interview

You get a phone interview.  You have a great chat with one of us for about ten minutes.  You tell us all about how great you are and give us some real examples!

6. The written task

A short written task or test!!  You got this! :) 

7. The provisional offer

You get the call!!!  It's us telling you that subject to DBS and references you can come work at Chatten!

8. your first day

Your first day!  You meet your team, your line manager and everyone else.  You start your training and find out your first targets for probation.  You my friend - have arrived!


  • Read the person spec and the job description – TWICE.

  • Do your research – look around the site and learn about us.

  • Tailor your application to the person spec.  This is your chance to tell us why you would be good for THIS job.

  • Include a covering letter – another chance to tell us why you are amazing.

  • Remember the telephone interview and the in person interview is probably going to include questions that relate to the job description and the person spec.

  • Give us answers that give us real examples  of how you meet the person spec for example ‘This one time I did this which shows this skill’ not ‘yeah I am great at that skill’.

  • Relax and remember we are just people and we are pretty friendly.  We  just want to learn more about you – try to have fun.  

Head Designate: Adam Dean (also person to contact for enquiries)


Contact number: 07821680581

Address: C/O Adam Dean - Market Field School, Elmstead Market, Colchester, Essex, CO7 7ET

Chatten Free School is part of the Hope Learning Community (HLC)

Gary Smith OBE is the CEO of the Hope Learning Community Trust

The Chair of trustees for the HLC is Micheal Andrews

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