Chatten and the National Curriculum

Every child in the UK has a right to access the national curriculum including literacy and numeracy. 

Chatten pupils will work on a variety of skills or targets that are relevant to them as individuals.  You are unlikely to see ‘literacy’ or ‘numeracy’ specified as a discrete lesson on a pupil’s timetable due to the nature of our teaching and learning system.  However, these curriculum areas are built into the very fabric of the skills and lessons taught. 

Click here for a table describing just some of the ways NC topics might be covered for individuals.

Head Designate: Adam Dean (also person to contact for enquiries)


Contact number: 07821680581

Address: C/O Adam Dean - Market Field School, Elmstead Market, Colchester, Essex, CO7 7ET

Chatten Free School is part of the Hope Learning Community (HLC)

Gary Smith OBE is the CEO of the Hope Learning Community Trust

The Chair of trustees for the HLC is Micheal Andrews

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