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A note on whole school events

At Chatten Free School, we prioritise the individual needs of each student to provide a safe and supportive learning environment. At Chatten, we understand that every child is unique, and we tailor our approach to cater to their needs. As such, we do not engage in activities such as sports days, school picnics, school plays, and non-uniform days like World Book Day.

We understand that some families may find this challenging, but we have made this decision after careful consideration. Our pupils tend to find big changes in their routine very stressful, and we want to avoid anything that may have a negative effect on them. We believe that the benefits of these activities do not outweigh the potential negative effects they could have on our students.

At Chatten, we individualise everything we do, including our approach to education, and we avoid school-wide activities as it is unlikely to benefit all our children. We believe that by tailoring our approach to each student, we can provide a more effective learning experience that meets their needs and fosters their growth and development.

At Christmas, we welcome the wearing of school jumpers etc, but do not plan any events along these lines.  We do engage some pupils in some simple activities that have a Christmas theme if we think it is something the individual will find motivating.  We usually provide the option of a Christmas dinner.  We usually often have a Santa's grotto set up in an area of the school that is decorated with a Christmas theme, and we invite some pupils to experience this space if we feel it would be beneficial to the pupil.