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Aims & Values

Aims and Values

Our primary vision and aim for pupils, staff, school and families is happiness, independence and respect for all.  We will provide an outstanding, evidence based and fully individualised curriculum for our pupils supported by experienced professionals and enthusiastic staff who share our goals and aims.  

Our school is a fun, loving and kind place which is conducive to the effective learning of functional skills (including; academic, life and communication) which will be essential to our pupils.

Our pupils have highly individual needs and deserve an individualised curriculum.  They are all amazing in their own unique ways. 

Our Pupils will:

  • Have a fully individualised curriculum.
  • Be taught skills that are important and relevant to them.
  • Be respected and listened to (using whatever method they use to communicate).
  • Be valued as individuals by the school and the wider community.
  • Access interventions which are evidence based and continue to be monitored for effectiveness.
  • Be given opportunities to develop and learn in an environment which will support them to be outside of their comfort zone in a way which means they can learn, develop and achieve.

Our families are vital to the wellbeing and development of our pupils.  Pupils spend a considerable percentage of their time with their family so it is important that families are treated as learning partners in pupils’ education.

We will ensure that families:

  • Have regular input in the development and delivery of interventions and support programmes.
  • Are listened to and that they feel welcome and valued in our school.
  • Have access to outside agency support through the school when needed.
  • Have support to access wider social/supportive networks including being pointed in the direction of organisations and training which may be useful to them.

As a school we want to be a centre of excellence for supporting pupils most affected by their autism.  To that end we will:

  • Ensure that we continue to use evidence based practice and update ourselves with new interventions as they are developed by the professional community.
  • Be a voice for our pupils in the wider community ensuring they are valued for being the amazing individuals they are.
  • Grow new, talented professionals from our staff team to enrich our amazing school.
  • Offer support and training to other provisions where appropriate.
  • Our staff are employed because of their skills, professionalism and their passion for supporting our pupils. 

Our staff will:

  • Work as a nurturing and supportive team unit, ensuring all team members feel valued and encouraged to develop personally and professionally.
  • Have access to relevant and up-to-date training pertinent to the level at which they are working.
  • Have opportunities to be proactive and innovative in the way they work.
  • Have opportunities to learn and develop.
  • Receive regular support including honest and constructive feedback.