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At Chatten Free School, we take Safeguarding very seriously. All staff undertake regular training regarding all aspects of child protection and safeguarding.

This is to safeguard all children so that their experience at school is enjoyable and supports their full development.

Our policies on safeguarding and related topics are shared across the Hope Learning Community and can be viewed on the Hope Learning Community Page. 

  • Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is: Christie Hallam
  • Our Governor in charge of Safeguarding is: Gemma Quantrill
  • Our deputy safeguarding officers are: Adam Dean and Ashleigh Cambridge
  • Our physical intervention trainers are: Adam Dean, Ashleigh Cambridge, Maisie Reading, Katie Osborne, Emma King, Anastasia Podlesny, and Maria Davis.
  • Our Safeguarding Leadership team consists of: Adam Dean, Ashleigh Cambridge, Christie Hallam

Any concerns regarding safeguarding should be directed to Christie or, in her absence, use the school contact number on the bottom of the page and state that you would like to discuss a safeguarding concern.