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Clothing can be impactful on learning and safety for everyone.  It is vital that pupils are comfortable in school and clearly identifiable as Chatten pupils in the community.  We recognise that sensory processing is an area of challenge for many pupils, and we have taken this into account in terms of colours and clothing options.  Please see below a link to purchase uniforms and for guidance on what to wear at Chatten.

Guidance on what to wear at Chatten


To support us with providing an optimal environment in terms of learning and safety, we ask that pupils wear:

  • light blue top (t-shirt or polo) with the school logo on which can be purchased using the link below.

  • A bright royal blue jumper is also purchased from the link below.

  • Comfortable trousers, shorts or long-medium length skirt in a dark blue, grey or black colouring. These could be cotton fabric or a tracksuit, but we ask you to avoid denim.

  • Sensible close-toed shoes (including trainers)

  • Weather appropriate clothing (taking account of temperature and climate)

In addition, we ask:

  • That children do not wear jewellery, including earrings.  This is for safety reasons.  On occasion, a watch may be appropriate. This is decided on a case by case basis.

  • That you remember that learning is a busy and occasionally messy business.  Clothes will occasionally be mislaid or damaged (although we do everything we can to prevent this).  We ask that you take this into consideration with your choices.

  • That fingernails are kept trim.  We know that having nails clipped is a challenge for some pupils.  If this is the case for you, please get in touch. We will be happy to support you with this.

  • That clothes are washed on a regular basis.

We know that for some pupils a degree of additional flexibility might be needed.  If you think your child falls under this category or if any of these guidelines give rise to difficulty, please get in touch, so we can talk this through and offer support.