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Section names

Our lovely new school is split into three sections based roughly around age groups. Each of these sections has its' own play area, life-skills room, therapy spaces, offices, toilets and multi-sensory rooms bit the question is what do we call these sections and the five individual classrooms found in each section? We have asked our amazing fantastic teachers to come up with some ideas and they have not disappointed. What we would like you to do now is to help us choose the best option or even suggest a couple of your own.

You can vote by adding a comment in the box under this post and you can add your own option by either e-mailing me ( or adding a comment and I will then update the options.

The choices are:

1- We would choose the names of three famous autistic people and name the sections of the school accordingly with classes being named with the name and a number. For example; Newton, Warhol, Grandin.

2- Sectors to be called; Earth, Water & Sky - earth classes named after mountains (e.g. snowdon, Everest, Olympus), water classes names after oceans/rivers (e.g. Atlantic, pacific, Amazon) and sky classes after planets (e.g. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars). This idea come with an idea of a slogan of "climb the mountain, swim the waters, and reach for the skies"

3. Sectors to be named after a famous artist and classes named after particular works of art. This also comes with a potential slogan of 'Paint your own path'.

4. Sectors names after types of play that our pupils enjoy for example; building, outside, toys and classes named after some examples of that type of play so the 'outside' section would have; swings, slides, roundabouts, seesaws and frames.

It occurs to me that we also have the shared space and the admin space and it would also be nice to name those areas inline with whatever overall theme we choose.

Thanks everyone, really looking forward to hearing your thoughts - I will close the voting 1 week after the end of the Easter holidays.

Have a lovely Easter everyone,


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